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An important announcement about our service to you

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We aim to provide you with the best possible service at all times, and we want this to continue uninterrupted. I have outlined below the plans we have in place.

Contacting Us We aim to remain contactable in the normal way: M: 07855 279641 T: 0118 214 2140 E: Please note that we have a slight issue with Jessica's direct line which at the moment we have been unable to forward, although our technical people are currently investigating. Therefore if you need to contact Jess directly, please email her and she will ring you back: Please note her usual working hours are Monday and Wednesday 9.30-12.30, Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-2.30. Home Working In line with official guidance, the team have been working from home since earlier this week. Michael will continue to visit the office to collect any post to ensure nothing urgent is missed. Client Meetings We aim to continue holding client meetings, but will now suggest these are held online in order to minimise social contact. We already have sophisticated video software in place that will enable us to share our screen with you (and even our scribbled drawings too!). We will continue to contact you in the usual way when your Forward Planning meeting becomes due. However, we fully appreciate that online meetings can be a little odd, so if you'd prefer to defer your meeting, that's fine too; just let us know. If there's any urgent action you need to take, we'll still raise this with you. You won't need any special equipment to participate in a video call; most computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones will be sufficient. We're putting together some instructions to help you. Access to Files All our client files and other records are securely stored electronically in the cloud. Therefore we are still able to access your client records at any time from any location. Naturally, data security is of paramount importance to us. Sharing Documents Securely We have recently introduced a new and much improved Client Portal, which enables us to communicate securely together, as well as sharing documents securely. If you have not already registered, you can do so at the link below. Simply enter your usual email address and follow the instructions. If you have any difficulty, do let us know. Register for Portal Access here. Access to Planning Tools All of the tools we use in our work are web-based and can be accessed from anywhere, with the exception of one piece of software which we have access to on a separate laptop outside of the office. We will therefore not need to compromise in any way in continuing to provide our utmost best advice to you at all times. Our Investment Partners and Providers Since late February we have been proactively contacting our main investment partners to ensure they are able to continue operating, in the event of an escalation of the Coronavirus outbreak. We are reassured by the responses we have received and we continue to keep in close contact with them. We have no concerns at this stage but naturally we will continue to closely monitor the situation. Ongoing Communication We fully appreciate that times of market volatility can be quite unnerving. Turning to the news for clarity is unlikely to bring any solace, so we have put together a hub of interesting articles, videos and our own thoughts that will hopefully help to cut through the noise of the mainstream media to bring some perspective. We will be posting this content on our blog which you can access at the link below. Alternatively, visit our Facebook page here. If you'd like to be notified of new posts, like our facebook page or click here to receive our regular newsletters. Visit our blog here. Summary I hope this reassures you that we've been working hard to ensure all bases are covered to enable us to continue our service to you. However if you have any questions or concerns that we have not addressed here, please do get in touch.

Best wishes,

Michael Roberts FPFS

Chartered Financial Planner and Director

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