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Build your own Financial Plan

We believe the best way to understand and appreciate Financial Planning is to experience it for yourself. So we made that possible for you to do right here.

Get started.

There's no charge, no obligation, and your data stays private unless you choose to share it with us. There's no catch, we just want as many people as possible to begin experiencing true Financial Planning.

Step 1.

Click below to create your account.

Step 2.
Enter your info

Our Plan Builder will walk you through the process of creating your Plan. Don't worry if you need to gather data, you can fill in any gaps later.

Step 3.
See the results is good, red is, er, not so good. See how your Plan will look, and explore options to improve it.

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Just one more thing...

We believe you'll enjoy seeing your Plan come to life with our Plan Builder. Whilst it will give you meaningful results, the pro version we use if you ask us to take over and help you, will enable us to take your Plan to another level; as well as providing expert advice and guidance from our human team of course.

For now though, you'll be on your own.

Your data remains private at all times but if you choose to share it with us from within the Plan Builder app, you will be accepting our Data Protection Notice which you can read here. By using the Plan Builder app you are agreeing to our Legal Declarations which you can read here.

The Plan Builder does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation.

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