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The Financial Planning Journey


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Before we can begin to create a Financial Plan, it is vital for us to spend time learning more about you - what do you love, what do you hate, what are your plans, what keeps you up at 2am, who are the important people in your life - the things that really matter to you.

We'll also need to know more about your existing arrangements so, with your permission, we'll get digging to see what we can find out. We're used to dealing with life companies and investment providers, so we'll contact them directly on your behalf.

Once we've completed our analysis and built your draft Financial Plan, we'll get together again to discuss this with you in detail.

Your Plan isn't some lengthy report for you to put in the drawer promising yourself to get around to reading itone day. Instead, it is a highly personalised, detailed, yet extremely visual and dynamic walk through all aspects of your financial affairs, demonstrating how your assets can be used to fund the life you wish to live.

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spend time


Once we have refined your Financial Plan together, we will be able to determine any actions required to help you meet your goals.

We will discuss our recommendations with you and will provide full written details for you to read through in your own time.

Once we have agreed on the actions, we will then implement these on your behalf.

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Having a Plan is one thing, but what happens when things change? We believe a Financial Plan is constantly evolving, so we like to review, forward plan and update things at least once a year; more often if necessary.

If things change throughout the year, just let us know. If you'd like a quick chat about something, you're always welcome to pop in for a coffee, or you'd be amazed what we can accomplish with an online meeting. Of course, you can always reach us on the good old telephone too.

Before we meet for each Forward Planning meeting, we'll send you the key components of your Plan so you can let us know if there have been any changes, that way we're up to speed ready for when we get together.

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