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Your Financial Plan

It all begins with a timeline of events that we’ll put together with you during the discovery process. This essentially looks at what’s on your radar; what are the things you can see coming that we need to plan for? What are the possibilities? What do you want to do or achieve and by when? What could be the barriers that we need to overcome?

Many people think of retirement and long term care when we ask them about the future; they're certainly big ones, but we’ve identified over 60 other possible events and transitions that could occur, all of which could have an impact on your financial affairs. Far better to anticipate and plan for these events, than try to repair the damage later.

Once we have identified these possible events, and we've understood the things that are important to you, we will work hard behind the scenes to determine the best way to use your resources. We'll consider many different possible scenarios to help you achieve the best outcome. We'll stress-test your Plan against disasters to help ensure you can withstand unforeseen eventualities.

At all times we'll aim to ensure your Plan is simple to understand, tax efficient and flexible enough to adapt as things change.

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