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We're feeling proud today. Here's why...

Spend Time was born out of a desire to do Financial Planning differently, with a focus not on our clients’ money, but on clients’ lives; being with you as your story unfolds, and aiming to answer that simple yet all important question: “will I be ok”?

We recognise that each of our clients are unique, on their own individual journey through life and with a personal set of needs to be catered for.

Over the past year and a half, we have worked especially hard to ensure that all our clients can access our service in all circumstances, and to do whatever it takes to ensure the advice we give will create the very best outcomes. Throughout, we always aim to listen to our clients, treating everyone fairly, and with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We were therefore delighted last week, to have our work in this area recognised and rewarded by receiving the prestigious and respected Just Group award of Highly Commended for Company of the Year (up to 5 advisers).

We were selected by an independent, expert panel of highly regarded judges with expertise across the field, after due consideration of the measures we have developed to protect and enable our clients to make sound financial decisions no matter what life has thrown at them. When we look at the work undertaken by the winner, we count ourselves in very good company.

Our work is underpinned by our core values as a practice, which are:

  • Honesty

  • Humility

  • Compassion

  • Diligence

  • Authenticity

  • Great Service

To us, these aren't just words on the wall but a way of life that, we hope, shine through in everything we do, that you will have experienced in your dealings with us. They're words that as a team here at Spend Time we all believe in, with a story behind each and every one of them.

By living by these values every day, we pride ourselves that our clients can be confident to place their trust in us, safe in the knowledge we truly have their best interests at heart.

Importantly, we understand and know from our experiences that all of us, for one reason or another, may become vulnerable on a temporary or more permanent basis, such as through illness, a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, loss of a job or suddenly acquiring new wealth. Spend Time is always here for you and no less when times are tough.

As a closing thought, on a very personal level, if you would like to notify us of your circumstances, or what's happening in your life right now, and let us know how we can help you better, please contact us by your preferred method, assured that everything you tell us will be treated in strict confidence. Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable, you can complete our Extra Support Form, which many of our clients have already done, at any time here:

With best wishes,

The team at Spend Time

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