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Client Expectations


We make the following commitments to our clients:


  • We will always do our best for you.

  • We will always have your utmost best interests at heart.

  • We won’t do anything without your permission.

  • If we get something wrong, we’ll do everything we can to put it right, as quickly as possible.


What we do (and what we don’t do)


Essentially, we create Financial Plans to enable our clients to make the most of their two most precious resources; money and time. Then we implement them and keep them up to date.


  • We take time to understand you, your family and your views on money.

  • We bring organisation and order to your financial affairs.

  • We proactively create the time and space with you to give your finances the attention they deserve.

  • We help you to understand key concepts to enable you to make smart financial decisions.

  • We are objective and help you avoid making emotional decisions.

  • We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

  • We hold you to account to help ensure you stay on track.

  • We help you anticipate life’s transitions and be prepared for them.

  •  We don’t work for you, we work in partnership with you; hopefully for many years to come.


Now that you understand what we do, it’s also worth explaining what we don’t do.


  • Try to sell you financial products; pensions, bonds, ISAs, life cover etc. These are all just tools in the box. If we need to use any of these to implement your Plan, then we’ll discuss them.

  • Bore you endlessly about whether one fund has returned fractionally more or charged fractionally less than another. Our robust investment strategy takes care of this in the background.

  • Cut corners. When it comes to your financial future, it’s worth doing things properly. Every decision we assist you with, every piece of advice we offer, will have been given due and careful consideration.

  • Participate in financial fantasies. You need to hear the truth, and we’re not afraid to tell it.

  • Speculate on what investment markets are going to do. Like everyone else, we have absolutely no idea. We’ll help you make smart decisions with investing, but we don’t know whether the market is going up or down today. Or tomorrow. Neither does anyone else.

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