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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

This is a legal document which allows you to appoint at least one person, known as an Attorney, to help you with decision making or make decisions for you during your lifetime, in the event you are unable to make your own decisions due to lacking mental capacity.

There are two types of LPA:

  • Property and Financial Affairs - this covers money, property and financial matters.

  • Health and Welfare - this covers your health and medical care.

Once created, the LPA document must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used b your attorneys.

Your attorney needs to be 18 or over. They could be:

  • a relative

  • a friend

  • a professional, for example a solicitor

  • your husband, wife or partner

You must appoint someone who has the mental capacity to make their own decisions. Your attorney does not need to live in the UK or be a British citizen. However you cannot choose someone who is subject to a Debt Relief Order or someone who is bankrupt if you’re making an LPA for Property and Financial Affairs.

Last updated:

1 November 2022 at 21:37:23


This glossary definition has been deliberately kept as simple as possible to give a brief outline of the term to assist with general financial knowledge. It is not intended to give a detailed explanation. Please refer to our Legal Declarations.

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