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Check your tax code online

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

HMRC have further expanded their online services recently in their "making tax digital" campaign.

It is about this time of year that, if you have income that is taxed through the PAYE system, you will begin to receive tax codes for the coming year.

It is now possible to login and view your tax code and personal allowance online via your Personal Tax Account. In addition, you will be able to notify HMRC of any changes affecting your tax code, update employer and pension provider details, view an estimate of how much tax you will pay, and to check and amend estimates of how much income you will receive from employment, pensions and bank or building society interest.

You can access the new service at the following link, using your Government Gateway ID to login.

If you don't yet have a Government Gateway ID, it's well worth registering and it's a fairly painless process. Check out our guide at the link below to help you, or get in touch.

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